Giving Children Hope With Proper Education

Millions of bright kids with potentials are out of school. Let's join hands to ensure that they recieve tuition free and proper education.

Joining Hands to Nurture Great Minds

By putting kids in the right environment for learning, we help them become more productive and nurture them to be great innovators.

Quality Education For Every Child

Every child deserves access to quality and result-driven education that's why we need to join hands together to create a world that provides resources that betters the overall education system.

About us

Over 10 Million children are out of school in Nigeria alone and Over 32 Million in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These statistics above show that there is need for a critical look into this important aspect of life. Child Education should be one of the most important agenda in any Nation's plan.

With these in mind, the Mil-Vision Foundation was founded to take a positive action through progressive partnerships to get millions of children out of the street and back to school and also offer special trainings to children and youths in the areas of science, technology and Entrepreneurship.

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Programs and Projects

We strive as much as we can to create programmes that will help the children in several rural areas gain access to quality education and better learning opportunies. Below are our currently running causes which you can also kindly contribute to.


The 2019 Edu 1K Project

Giving access to free education to over 1000 kids by year ending 2019. You can learn more and help us reach our goal. Learn more.


Donating Educational items to FCT Schools

Donating important items such as desks, boards, writing materials and more blocks to schools lacking resources

Recent Events

We usually create events that will enable us reach out to indigent children in local communities, create strategic partnerships and also organize trainings for kids. Here are some of our events:

13 DECEMBER 2018

Pupils enrollment begins at LEA, Tungan-Maje, FCT

9.00AM- 4.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

22 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the Head Teacher LEA at Tungan-Maje, FCT

9.00PM- 11.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

22 NOVEMBER 2018

Continuation of our outreach at Tungan-Maje, FCT

1.00PM- 2.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

20 NOVEMBER 2018

World Children's Day Celebration

We celebrated the World Childrens day with indigent kids in Tungan-Maje, FCT where we got them snacks and books. We also got the profiles of kids not currently going to school.

1.00PM- 4.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

16 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the Community Chief of Tungan-Maje, FCT

Meeting with the Community Chief and elders of Tungan-Maje located in FCT, Abuja to discuss the indigent children not in school and our plans to provide assistance to them.

9.00AM- 12.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja.

13 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the HOD Primary School Services, FCT UBEB

Meeting with the Head of Department, Primary School Services, FCT UBEB to discuss collaborations with the board and FCT communities. Also to discuss how we can significantly acheive our goals

1.00PM- 2.00PM FCT, UBEB Office, Area 3, Abuja

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Together, Education for every child is possible

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The Team

Behind every good organization, there are leaders that passionately work to make sure eerything keeps going well. Here are ours:

Ibezim Chike


Uche Nathson

Director Accounts

Ebedo Happiness

Education Coordinator

Okelewu Victoria

Public Relations Officer

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