Education for Every Child is Achievable

The above sentence has been our watchword since inception and we are committed to making sure that we do play our own part in making that possible. The Mil-Vision Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization based in Abuja, Nigeria that is primarily focused on giving access to free and quality education for indigent kids across Africa.

Founded in 2018 with the above purpose in mind, the team has already begun making giant strides to fulfil our objectives. Over 10 Million children are out of school in Nigeria alone and Over 32 Million in Sub-Saharan Africa. These statistics above show that there is need for a critical look into this important aspect of life. Child Education should be one of the most important agenda in any Nation's plan.

With these in mind, the Mil-Vision Foundation was founded to take a positive action through progressive partnerships to get millions of children out of the street and back to school and also offer special trainings to children and youths in the areas of science, technology and Entrepreneurship.

We believe that education for every child is acheivable and once the belief is there, anything is possible. The Mil-Vision Foundation is set to achieve this by providing fully funded education to an average of 200,000 indigent children per year and hopefully much more as we grow. A major area lacking in this area is the northern part of Nigeria and some local communities across Eastern Africa. We believe that through strategic partnerships and goodwill donations, we will acheive our aims.

As a secondary initiative of ours, we also plan to train children and youths in the areas of science, technology and entreneurship because we believe that once the young population is provided with the right skillsets and tools, the issue of unemployment will be effectively tackled.