Recent Events

We usually create events that will enable us reach out to indigent children in local communities, create strategic partnerships and also organize trainings for kis. Here are some of our events:

22 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the Head Teacher LEA at Tungan-Maje, FCT

We'll have a meeting with the Head-Teacher of the LEA Primary School, Tungan-Maje to have a discuss on sponsorship costs for various classes and materials needed for the kids to start school.

9.00PM- 11.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

22 NOVEMBER 2018

Continuation of our outreach at Tungan-Maje, FCT

Continuation of last children's day event to reach out to children that weren't available on the Children's day and include them in our .

1.00PM- 2.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

20 NOVEMBER 2018

World Children's Day Celebration

We celebrated the World Childrens day with indigent kids in Tungan-Maje, FCT where we got them snacks and books. We also got the profiles of kids not currently going to school.

1.00PM- 4.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja

16 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the Community Chief of Tungan-Maje, FCT

Meeting with the Community Chief and elders of Tungan-Maje located in FCT, Abuja to discuss the indigent children not in school and our plans to provide assistance to them.

9.00AM- 12.00PM Tungan-Maje, FCT, Abuja.

13 NOVEMBER 2018

Meeting with the HOD Primary School Services, FCT UBEB

Meeting with the Head of Department, Primary School Services, FCT UBEB to discuss collaborations with the board and FCT communities. Also to discuss how we can significantly acheive our goals

1.00PM- 2.00PM FCT, UBEB Office, Area 3, Abuja