$2,500 Raised

$65,000 Goal

You can help lay a stone or two

Mil-Vision Educational and Skill Acquisition Center (MEASAC) will serve as a center that will provide access to quality after-school prep classes for indigent kids in rural/remote parts of Abuja. Through the assistance of volunteers, our primary focus will be educating these kids through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). MEASAC will provide an environment where these kids can also acquire relevant skills in areas such as basic programming, and low-level ICT skills to give them a proper foundation in building their careers.

MEASAC will also serve as a teacher training center, to help primary school teachers especially those in rural areas acquire the necessary skills they need to impact better on the lives of these kids. Project MEASAC will be a project for the ages. The project will not only help get kids off the streets but will also help these kids with the necessary skills that will alleviate them and their families from poverty and reduce hunger in accordance with goal 1, 2 and 4 of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Project Presentation

Background and Justification

We have about 30 indigent kids which we currently sponsor in school in northern Nigeria, specifically Abuja, Nigeria. Against this backdrop we also provide these kids with the required after-class program. These classes which are held every Saturday are meant to supplement their normal educational period (Mon-Fri) and are geared toward fast-tracking their educational skills and abilities and also improve the way and manner these kids interact, not only with each other but with other people in their environment.

Since 2019 when we started this after-school program, there has been a considerable improvement in these kids performance, their spoken word and their general behavioral characteristics has improved a lot. Sequel to not being in school and utilizing the opportunity provided by The Mil-Vision Foundation they now compete in top positions in their various classes and showing significant improvement in their English abilities. This is working and we feel it’s the right time to turn this full scale.